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YouTube, stop the exploitation of children and teens on your site

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There is something disturbing going on right under parents' noses...

A 31 year old American man with millions of followers on YouTube is having fans as young as 11 submit photos of themselves to him in as little as their underwear so he can judge their bodies in videos. These videos have hundreds of thousands of views and the man behind them is being payed by YouTube to create videos.

“I like your body. Your body’s hot.” 

"This person is hella fat. She is super duper fat."

The Process

Fans of any age can join this man's personal website to submit pictures on various topics such as thigh gaps and weight loss. Many times, fans write "Onision", the man's online alias, on their bodies in these photos. The man selects photos and records himself judging or rating these girls, uploads the video for hundreds of thousands to see, then receives a check from YouTube / Google based on how man views his videos receive.

His Defense

This man defends these videos by saying it is legal, that underwear coves as much as a bathing suit. He claims these videos are for "body positivity" and he is helping these young girls. He also defends himself by saying these videos are not sexual, despite making several videos on how attractive he finds these girls. He also says he is not asking young girls for these pictures, anyone can submit photos to be judged, but when a boy appeared in one of these videos he said, "Here's some dude's body. It's a very nice body, I just don't know what to say about it because I'm not into guy bodies."

Who is he?

The man is Gregory "Jackson" Avaroe. Online he goes by Onision, UhOhBro, OnisionSpeaks, and OnisionArchive. He has been on YouTube for a decade and makes a lot of money through it. He presents himself as a comedian on some channels, while on others he presents himself as a Guru preaching his morals and giving advice to young girls.

He has been a long source of controversy on the website, mostly stemming from his very public & disturbing relationships. He left his first wife in 2010 for a 17 year old Canadian fan that emailed him asking him for advice on a recent break-up. (He was 25) They met up in Pennsylvania to legally be intimate, then he rented property in Canada to be with her until she turned 18. He moved her to his Washington home where he would record her mental break downs and upload them to YouTube for profit. They broke up in 2012, then he started his next long term relationship with a 17 year old fan he met on twitter. He rented property in New Mexico so he could be with her while she was in high school. When she turned 18 he convinced her to marry behind her parent's back. When her parents believed she was living in a college dorm, she was living with him. They are still married (she is now 22), but in 2015 he decided to bring in a 18 year old into his marriage. He currently lives with his wife, his girlfriend, and a 16 year old fan that moved in around Halloween. No one knows why the 16 year old is living with them.

How you can help.

Please, sign and share this petition with friends and family. We must stop the exploitation of these young girls, or at the very least warn parents of this.

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