Demand The Stauffers remove all monetized content ft. Huxley from their YouTube channel.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!

The recent re-homing of Huxley Stauffer has been heartbreaking.

These people need to stop exploiting and profiting off of Huxley immediately! 

Their YouTube channel skyrocketed thanks to Huxley!

He's done enough for the Stauffers. He bought them a McMansion, multiple vacations a year, etc. What did he get in exchange? He got re-homed as if her were a freaking puppy! 

Before anyone comes at me riddle me this...if any of The Stauffers' bio kids develop any mental disorders later on in life are they just going to re-home them too? Hell no! Huxley was expendable to these vile human beings. He no longer fits into their aesthetic so bye bye he goes.

The internet has your back Huxley. We hope you're happy and thriving wherever you are.