Request Yamaguchi prefecture to continue AKIYOSHIDAI International Art Village

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Yamaguchi Prefecture, one of Japanese local government, is about to abolish or transfer AKIYOSHIDAI International Art Village (AIAV) to local city government up to 2020. This campaign has an intention to escape an abolishment of AIAV.

AIAV is established in 1998, to serve as a hub for contemporary music and artist-in-residence program. A lot of artists, who are not only Japanese but also various nationality or ethnic groups, created various artistic works through staying AIAV.

The abolishment of AIAV must bring serious harm to the cultural and artistic activity in Yamaguchi Pref..

Yamaguchi Pref. is trying to reform public finances and transfer their communal facilities to located local government bodies, or abolish facilities if they reach impasse in the negotiations. As is often the case, AIAV is also open for discussion. AIAV is going to be abolished if this goes on.

I try to gain broad support from world-wide people to continue AIAV, and deliver our message to the Governor of Yamaguchi Pref. I beg you to join us. ― not only the artist, but also people who loves cultural and artistic activities.