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Free Wilfrida from the death penalty!

Above is a photograph of a 20 year old girl and her home in Belu, eastern Indonesia. Right now, Wilfrida is being held in a Malaysian prison, awaiting her trial which can lead to a death sentence. She awaits for justice.

This September 30th, that verdict will be delivered. The crime she has been accused of is the murder of her employer when she was working as a domestic worker. After being abused, beaten, and tortured for 2 months, she fought back and resulted in the death of her employer. She was only defending herself.

When she was sent to Malaysia to work, she was only 17 years old, which means she was legally too young. But her credentials were falsified by middlemen, her birthyear was changed from 1993 to 1989.
In her empoverished life back in Belu, Wilfrida and her family were promised a huge salary if she was sent as a domestic worker in Malaysia.

And at that moment, (October 2010), the government of Indonesia had declared a moratorium for sending migrant workers to Malaysia, partly because of so many cases of domestic abuse. So legally, no one was suppose to be sent there.

It seems that Wilfrida is a victim of human trafficking, possibly by an international syndicate with a modus operandi of falsifying the victims age to 21 years of age.

On the basis of humanity, we need to save Wilfrida from the possible death penalty. Both Indonesia and Malaysia has a strong commitment to protect women and children, including in eradicating human trafficking crimes.

Please help me by signing and sharing this petition to urge the judges to reject the death penalty for Wilfrida.

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    Honorable Tan Sri Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin

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