We ask for an attitude of XIX about Bailey May's (of Now United) behaviors!

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In the last few months, the fandom (uniter) has been perceiving totally childish and wrong attitudes of the philippine member, Bailey May. Some of the mistakes that have already happened were xenophobia (via tweet on his personal Twitter account), racism (mocking the Black Lives Matter on his personal TikTok account) and harassment during the choreographies of Afraid Of Letting Go, on the show from Dreams Come True Tour and Legends, while recording the clip. We are completely concerned with attitudes like this and we know how the group influences children and teenagers from all over the world and can result in attitudes just like his in some fans. We would like to ask you to action in this regard, as we really care about the well-being of the members around him and also the fans who are influenced by him. Whoever can sign this and, of course, agree to it, please sign it. This is a fight for human rights and we need to reverse this before something worse happens.