Upgrade MI MIX 3 5G flagship to MIUI 11

Upgrade MI MIX 3 5G flagship to MIUI 11

30 апреля 2020 г.
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Xiaomi's decision to abandon the flagship smartphone of the premium MI MIX series is extremely disrespectful to their users. The flagship MI MIX 3 5G still works on MIUI 10 and Android 9. All smartphones of the MI, MI MIX and REDMI line from the update list received their MIUI 11 in 2019, except for our flagship MI MIX 3 5G. It is not right.
We, like users of the usual Mi Mix 3 (4g), are entitled to support as updates of our device to the current version of MIUI. Xiaomi justifies its decision with low sales of MIX 3 5G flagship. Is low sales a problem for users? No. These are the problems of Xiaomi managers, and there should be support for the flagship for users who have already bought it.
But what happens? It turns out that new users of the new flagship are not immune from the termination of support in the form of updates if the new smartphone has low sales figures.
This situation also sets a precedent for the new MI 10 flagship series and the future MI MIX series.

We, the owners of the flagship MI MIX 3 5G (Andromeda), require Xiaomi to update our smartphone to MIUI 11, as well as to add it to the list of future updates MIUI 12, Android 10 and 11.

Otherwise, we will never recommend Xiaomi products to our friends and acquaintances for purchase.


Эта петиция выиграла с 2 257 подписантами!

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