Stop the fireworks planning in Sydney on new year‘s eve. Save our nature! Stop bush fires!

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Please vote against the fireworks plans in Sydney on new year‘s eve! 8.5 tones of firework rockets are planned to be shot in the air on that evening (in only 20 minutes)!! On Sydney Harbour, approximately 60 tonnes of trash from tourists and spectators will be left there after the fireworks took place!! Please help to fight against our planet pollution and all inferring nature catastrophes such as the 70 bush fires in South-East Australia today. Sydney Mayor Clover Moore argued that they already spent a lot of money for planning the fireworks and this is why they cannot cancel it anymore, but in this respect it is about saving our nature and all species which were already killed due to the fires and not about money and gain loss for the NSW economy at all. Money shouldn’t matter at all in such a cruel situation! How can such a sad circumstance be ignored by the government and celebrating new year‘s eve still be focussed whereas in the meantime hectares of valuable trees and plenty of threatened Koalas are just burning and dying?! I highly appreciate your support and hope that we can change the opinion of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore together to finally cancel the fireworks with this online petition. There‘s no Planet B!