Future Polar Bear Habitats Soon To Be Devastated By Materialistic Trump Adminstration

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Nature is our constant. It is what brings us back to our true self. Reminisce upon the lush grass and the fresh air that we once had. But now, we simply cannot. Our society has contributed over 14 billion pounds of garbage to the world that was once paradise. Where future generations of humans will be experiencing a horrible environment with clouds of pollution obscuring the view of the sun, animals will mostly have gone extinct as they suffer under the harsh conditions created by us, humans. We were created to make life sustainable, yet we are living in a world in which we are painfully crashing down to our well-deserved demise. We cannot let this happen to our future. 

One issue that has risen up are the endangerment of polar bears. Over the past few decades, our society has conformed to setting our priorities to be based on our desires instead of the environment. Through our ignorance, 95% of the old ice in the Arctic Circle has melted, endangering many animal species throughout the process, most prominently being polar bears. A certain population of polar bears, recognized as the southern Beaufort Sea subpopulation, originally consisted of 1,500 bears and now has dramatically decreased to 800-900 polar bears. The lives of these polar bears' revolves around the ice, as they use it to catch prey (sea lions, etc...), travel long distances, and many other things. Essentially, their survival solely depends on the ice. No ice means no more polar bears. 

Polar bears are innocent creatures, just as every other creature on this earth, but Trump's Administration have decided to destroy their habitat. Why? We don't know. The Trump administration is taking action through setting aside a long and prominently established ban on oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The administration is planning to destroy some areas of the ice to find oil. When you drill into the ice, it disrupts the entire ecosystem of the arctic. Think of it like this; when you remove the ice, the ecosystem has to adapt to this, but it cannot. It has lasting effects where it destroys the most minute parts of the food chain which then carry on until it finally reaches the more dominating species - seals, polar bears. These bears rely on seals as their primary source of food to survive and when this ecosystem is disrupted, these animals are significantly impacted.

Extinction is upon us. We need to change the way we live and make an impact on the world. The world is your oyster, so go and make an impactful difference on the world today. Even if you are older, it is never too late to make a change. Whether it is creating a non-profit organization to save the Polar Bears to simply walking to school one day in order to reduce the effects of pollution, you can make a difference. If you sign this petition, you are making a difference in the world today, and that means that our society is one signature closer to saving these amazing creatures.