Ban the use of 'non sustainable' palm oil in all products sold by all retailers in the UK!

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Global Warming is the biggest threat to mankind and our future generations.

Saving the worlds rainforests is essential to the protection of the ozone layer from harmful gases that we, as the people produce.

CO2 makes up roughly 50% of the cause towards the greenhouse effect. A single young tree asorbs roughly 13lbs of CO2 in a year. An acre of trees roughly absorb 2.5 tons of CO2 in a year. 

Our trees take in CO2 and give us Oxygen, they clean the air that WE ALL BREATHE!

Non deforestation is the biggest criteria that classifies palm oil as 'sustainable' within any product.

Try to be aware that cheaper is not better. Even if we can change our diets slightly, our shopping habits and be aware of what ingredients are within the packaged food we consume, every small act will help. Eat fresh where possible, support local producers, save our trees, save our animals, save our rainforests. Save the planet!

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