No More Live Markets - make the difference

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Have you ever heard of live markets? Do you know what it means? In China and other places around the world, it’s a very common kind of market.


There, they keep many kinds of different live animals, even the ones that are endangered, and kill them there and then, to sell their meat fresh.


But it’s not that simple: the animals are kept in tiny cages, piled up on each other and they’re badly treated. The hygiene conditions are extremely poor; their urine, blood, pus and whatever they excrete drips through to other cages, carrying viruses, bacteria and diseases, which are transmitted to the other animals, including humans who are in the market. This happens either when the animals are alive or after being killed, by not being properly cleaned, with a lack of sanitary control. We have to have sanitary control and protective solutions for animals! We can't let this carry on in front of our very eyes!


If we don’t stop this now, there will be serious consequences: rare and wild species of animals will soon disappear, more diseases like Covid-19 (that apparently came from bats and was first transmitted to humans in a live market) will arise and circulate, and animal and human health will be put in danger.


Sign this petition to protect wild animals from commercialization in live markets as they stand now! Guarantee a better world for all of us!

watch this video to find out more about this issue