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World Leaders: Please make policies and actions to stop Israel attack to Gaza forever!

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The picture above shows a Palestinian orphan sleeping beside his mother drawing. The kid misses his mother who became victim of Israel attack on Palestine.

This phenomenon depicts one of humanitarian impacts from Israel attack to Gaza. For decades, Israel has attacked Palestinians, especially those living in Gaza, causing death for thousand people anywhere in Gaza Strip. The exact amout of victims in Gaza is not clear as it keeps increasing. However, much more important than number, the impact of those tragedy for humanity is uncountable. A death of human being due to the attack could mean an abuse against right to life for him and losing everything for others.

People around the world has condemning this tragedy and put it as humanitarian issue rather than religious affair. Obviously, this is considered as one of the biggest crimes against humanitarian after World War II. However, political leaders who have authority to stop this attack seems not showing any willingness to solve the tragedy. Protests by people around the world have yet to end up to responding polices, in fact the keys for problem solving are laid in their hands.

This petition insist world political leaders, among others, Benjamin Netayahu (Israel Prime Minister), Barrack Obama (President of United States) and Ban Ki Moon (UN Secretary General) on stopping Israel attack to Gaza Street. Those leaders are holding key authority to stop the attack by their policies or actions.

Support this petition for stopping Israel attack to Gaza!

Save Gaza, Save humanity.

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