Ban Horse Riding in the Modern Pentathlon due to inept and abusive standards of riding

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After watching the Modern Pentathlon at the Rio Olympics I was appalled at the poor standard of horsemanship. These competitors are supposed to excel at their disciplines and yet are unable to demonstrate the most basic standards of riding. They should not be allowed on a showjumping course let alone with the most severe aids such as spurs,  bits and Martingales. Due to their confusing signals, unbalanced and incompetent riding they not only abuse the horses but also put them in danger as well as themselves. This is clearly demonstrated by most of the  Modern Pentathlon riders competing not only in the Rio Olympics but also in previous Olympics. The clip in the link below clearly shows the utter confusion caused by the rider as he jabs the horses sides with spurs telling it to move forwards whilst at the same time holding his hands high and hauling on the reins causing the horse to rear, lose its balance and fall. Another aspect to this is the lack of knowledge of commentators and journalists who presume a level of expertise that they clearly do not have in the discipline of horse riding, blaming the horses for the faults of their riders. They have no awareness of the horses welfare issues in relation to the misuse and abuse of spurs and bits. I am so disappointed as all the other sports in the Olympics are about excellence while the standards of horse riding in the Modern Pentathlon are so poor that they call into question the welfare of the horses involved.