Support TAIWAN to Join WHO Now 聲援臺灣即刻加入世界衛生組織

Support TAIWAN to Join WHO Now 聲援臺灣即刻加入世界衛生組織

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Started by Vivi Lin

Since 2009, Taiwan has been invited by the WHO to participate as an observer to its World Health Assembly (WHA). In 2017, with neither the discussion nor decision of any member state of the Organisation, based on no legal basis, Taiwan was no longer invited to attend the WHA ever since.

The situation of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China has been rapidly escalating in the past few weeks, leading to WHO’s declaration of a global health emergency. Taiwan, as the front line of defence against the 2019-nCoV, was not invited to attend WHA 2020, nor to the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee meeting, where critical discussion of the 2019-nCoV outbreak took place. The exclusion of Taiwan from international health dialogues is political in nature and has put 23.7 million Taiwanese lives at risk, an action that blatantly goes against the principles of WHO and the 2020 annual theme of the WHA, namely “Health for All” and the “Right to Health” for all global citizens. 

As the Taiwanese Minister of Foreign Affairs stated in 2018, 

“We have millions of passengers coming through Taiwan every year and therefore if there is an outbreak, we need to get the most updated information as soon as possible. Otherwise, Taiwan can be easily affected. We need the WHO’s guidance in dealing with this situation, and excluding Taiwan is going to put neighbouring countries in great jeopardy as well.” 

In the case of 2019-nCoV, obstructing Taiwan from joining the WHO and participating in major virus conferences has not only put Taiwanese lives at incredible risk but also undermined the health and security of citizens and nationals of the Asian-Pacific region.

Recalling Taiwan’s contributions in managing the SARS outbreak in 2003,  this petition would like to remind the global community of Taiwan’s knowledge and experiences in managing SARS pandemics. The Taiwanese National Healthcare System has been deemed exemplary worldwide, which is sufficient evidence of Taiwan’s robust health institutions. Taiwan is more than capable of using its experiences and expertise to actively support WHO member states in achieving health-related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and can undoubtedly contribute to the management of the 2019-nCoV outbreak

Lastly, earlier this week, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe, both expressed their countries’ support towards Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the WHA. Both Prime Ministers have stated that inviting Taiwan to join the meetings would be in the best interest of the global health community. With this in mind, this petition calls on the WHO to invite Taiwan to attend the WHA 2020 and other critical 2019-nCoV meetings immediately.


目前於中國爆發的武漢肺炎(2019新型冠狀病毒)已造成全球數千人感染,病情橫跨25國,情勢愈加令人擔憂,更在稍早被WHO宣布為「全球危機」。而臺灣,即便首當其衝,且身為國際防禦此次傳染病的重要夥伴,卻不僅未被邀請參加2020WHA,也未受邀出席武漢肺炎緊急會議(the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee)。WHO此舉,實為棄臺灣2378萬人民的健康於不顧,且再再違反WHO主張之「消弭健康不平等」、「保障人民健康權利」等宗旨



近期,加拿大總理杜魯道(Justin Trudeau)及日本首相安倍晉三都已公開表達兩國「支持臺灣以觀察員身份參與WHA」,並稱此舉不僅「符合全球衛生界最大利益」,更表示「臺灣是此次全球防疫的重要夥伴」

因此,全球台灣醫衛總會(Global Taiwanese Medical Alliance; GTMA)在此發起連署,呼籲WHO即刻邀請臺灣參加本年度WHA及其他重要防疫會議,不得再將2378萬人民的健康棄之於不顧


89,170 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!