Boycott Turtleboy Sports Sponsors

Boycott Turtleboy Sports Sponsors

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TurtleBoycott.Com started this petition to Worcester-area Consumers

Turtleboy Sports Hates Worcester.

Turtleboy Sports Hates our Communities. Turtleboy Sports Hates our Schools. Turtleboy Sports Hates our Children. The blog has torn our city down for too long, so now it’s time to fight back by taking on the businesses that raise Turtleboy Sports up.

Join us.


We know what you’re thinking— why pick on the businesses when the blog is the problem?

Well, they make the blog profitable for the hate monger behind it (you know, the guy who operates it, but then sold it, but then just sells ads, but also uses his voice on the radio and shows up to public meetings when he feels he’s being unjustly criticized . . . wait, where were we? Oh, right).

Turtleboy Sports started out terrorizing Worcester residents and gradually moved to expand their reach to those living in other communities. The anonymous authors harass and slander people with lies and lewd behavior, and ridicule anyone who speaks out against their brand of “news”. The blog has cheerfully attacked anyone who crosses their path, stooping as low as to attack children for amusement and targeting local students with disgusting sexual harassment, all while the writers hide behind their anonymity in the comfort of their homes.

We know that there are always going to be people out there looking to read their “funny” made up words and stomp on people when they are down. We can’t change the world, we get that. We also know that many local businesses have withdrawn their financial support of Turtleboy Sports’ hate and lies, though. We can only conclude that the blog’s remaining sponsors are fine with the denigration and harassment spewed by the anonymous writers.

Our purpose is to inform Worcester, and communities throughout the region, of exactly what these businesses are funding and to make a simple statement: if these businesses are financially supporting a blog that denigrates the people of this city, we can no longer financially support them.

The Buzz Barber Shop
Smitty’s Tavern
Bennie’s Cafe
The Gun Parlor
Black & White Grille

We are asking you to NOT patronize these businesses. We are asking you to tell your friends to NOT visit these establishments. We are NOT asking you to harass the owners with bad reviews if you haven’t had bad experiences with them in the past. If you feel compelled to have a respectful conversation with the owners, explain why you feel their monetary involvement prevents you from spending your hard-earned money there. With a wealth of small businesses to support in Worcester and the surrounding communities, there are better places for you to spend your money.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!