Stop the removal of salt marsh vegetation on the North Wirral Foreshore SSSI!

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The North Wirral Foreshore is a statutorily protected site of biological importance, containing embryonic salt marsh - a habitat of international conservation importance; it is also contained within the Dee Estuary Special Area of Conservation. However, for several years, salt marsh vegetation has been chemically and mechanically removed across intertidal areas including Hoylake Beach for the sake of 'tidiness' (see full beach management agreement by Wirral Council here: This agreement is stored on the Hoylake Vision website and is not their document.

Whilst in their justification, Wirral Council note the limited areas sprayed when compared to the total extent of the SSSI/SAC, vegetated intertidal areas are relatively small over many portions of the designated site and the removal of acres of this vegetation is significant.

Embryonic salt marsh vegetation consisting mostly of Common Saltmarsh-grass (Puccinellia maritima) is an internationally important habitat that does not in any way impede recreational activities - plants here are not weeds. We want this important habitat to be recognised by Wirral Council, allowed to recover, and the small, loud group of 'tidy' sympathisers to be educated about this important habitat.