Do Not Fire Dr. Mustian!

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Dr. April Mustian is a new employee of Winthrop University’s College of Education starting in August. People are demanding that her job offer be retracted and she is not hired. 

On June 26, 2020 Dr. Mustian created a Facebook status that read, “If you are a white K-12 teacher who teaches black children, and you are on your FB posting pro police anti-black rhetoric, I hope and pray those are posts and beliefs you are willing to stand by in front of the Black families you are supposed to also love and serve. I hope those are post you are willing to stand by when district personnel gets screenshots of your ignorance. This is a new day, folks. Don’t think you are above reproach, especially in this day and age when opportunities to unlearn racism and bias are at your fingertips.”

Dr. Mustian is a public supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, which the university has also made a statement in support of. Her expression that teachers should care about the livelihood of all their students, particularly African American students, is a statement that has shockingly resulted in anger from many people. Dr. Mustian’s statement was not harmful or racist in any way. It is appalling that people are against her using her platform to voice her support for our African American children. 

Dr. Mustian did not state any political views, simply that our educators should not be able to educate our black children if they support anti-black rhetoric.  She has received outstanding support from the current Winthrop population including faculty, students, and alumni since people have began demanding she be fired. Winthrop University is a Liberal Arts school that thrives on diversity and inclusion. We should not support racism, especially in the classroom, and we should not tolerate people who have these racist beliefs to teach children. Dr. Mustian should not be fired for voicing her anti-racist opinion.