Recognize John Lear for his Historic works in our Aviation History.

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No Listing For John Lear On Wikipedia

We need to help this hero of aviation today

Over the past 30 or 40 years John Lear has been asked by friends why he is not listed in Wikipadia and all he can tell them is that has written several times to Wikipedia asking them himself and their asnswer has always been something like: Has done nothing to warrant inclusion in Wikipedia. This is false. 

John LearI holds 17 World Speed records including 'Speed Around the World' set in the Lear Jet March 23-26, 1966 and they say that those records are held by Lear Jet Coporation not him. This not true. Lear Jet Corporation is not listed on the Record Certificates, John's name is.

It's then pointed out that both the FAI certificate (Federation Aeronautique Internationanle) and the NAA certificate (National Aeronautic Association) certificates have John's name on them and do not mention Lear Jet Corporation. No answer; this just gets ignored

John Lear holds more Federal Aviation Administration Airman Certificates than any other Airman and they say that those certificates belong to the FAA, not him. Again false.

 John Lear is also recipent of the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) award for Outstanding Airmanship displayed on September 25, 1968 and they say that is PATCO's award not John's. How can they wilfully ignore the facts and deny his commitment.

John himself has mentioned to Wikipedia the Congressional Record Tribute to Continental Air Services, Inc. for services in Southeast Asia on the wall in my den and they say I was just a pilot. He was more that just a pilot.

John Lear deserves to be listed in Wikipedia, and his children (4) and grandchildren (3) deserve to know the reason that John Lear is not worthy of being listed.

We demand to know why Wikipedia a public forum and online repository for history is ignoring this great man's contribution to aviation.