False Wikipedia information/articles removal

False Wikipedia information/articles removal

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Leyli Magerram создал(а) эту петицию, адресованную Wikipedia (Josve05a) и

Since 2001, Wikipedia has become the largest source of historical and scientific information around the world. Including more than 6,129,499 articles, it gives the readers worldwide an image of a reliable source, which leads to many confusions and conflicts between nationalities. 

Wikipedia is a self-governing project run by its community, which means that any person can easily edit and create articles independently. However, unfortunately, some provocators falsify the history of the region in Wikipedia’s articles using unscientific and baseless sources, which lead to false territorial claims and national hostility between Azerbaijanis and Armenians.

These falsifications mislead people, which are not involved in this conflict and undermine the value of Wikipedia for others.

Moreover, there are national and territorial disputes about “the ancient and heroic” past, not based on any historical documents or evidences that is taking place from the Armenian side.

By this petition, we urge you to engage experienced historians to investigate the true history of the region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Nagorno-Karabakh which is being illegally occupied for almost 30 years by Armenia).

Some of the historical evidences of the false information on Wikipedia on the Great Armenian history that should be analyzed by independent historians are:

-       Treaty of Turkmenchay (1828).

-       The Memorial “Maraga 150” mounted in 1978 on the occasion of 150 anniversary of  arrival of Armenians from the Persian region Maraga to Karabakh. In 1988 as the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh began “realization of right of the nation for self-determination” inscription on the memorial “Maraga - 150” immediately disappeared.

But there are still photos of the Memorial.

-       Decree of Petr 1 (November, 10th, 1724) on moving Armenians to the Caucasus.

-       The map of 1799 compiled by the Headquarters of the Caucasian Military District of the Russian Empire.

-       Different writers wrote about these events: A. Griboyedov ("Notes on the resettlement of Armenians from Persia to our regions") in 1828, S. Glinka ("Description of the resettlement of the Adderbidzhan Armenians to Russia") in 1831, I. Chopin ("Historical monument of the state of the Armenian region in the era of its accession to the Russian Empire") in 1852, V. Potto (in the 3rd volume of the "Caucasian War in separate essays, episodes, legends and biographies") in 1899, V. Velichko ("Caucasus. Russian business and tribal issues") in 1904, N. Shavrov ("New threat to the Russian business in the Transcaucasus: the upcoming sale of Mugan to foreigners") in 1911.

-       Franz Roubaud's painting of the Yerevan Fortress siege in 1827 by the Russian forces under leadership of Ivan Paskevich.

-       The Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary on Armenia etc.

Having the fact that any regular user can spread (write/edit or delete articles) fake historical information through Wikipedia, Armenian Nationalists start laying claim to regional dominance, and that in turn leads to instability in the region, hostility and aggression, as regular readers do not check the links provided, or deeply analyze the topic.

By this petition, we urge you to intervene and analyse the history of the region in order to remove falsifications and misleading articles, which lead to territorial disputes. Having the true history proved, we would make a step to ensure stability and peace for the region.


















0 людей подписали. Следующая цель: 5 000
Когда эта петиция соберет 5 000 подписей, она вероятнее всего сможет заинтересовать локальные медиа!