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Westlands Water District and the San Luis Δ Water Authority: Allow the Government to Release Water to Avert a Klamath Fish Kill

NEVER AGAIN: Call in, Fax, email, visit, and write the Central Valley Irrigators that are blocking the flows from being releases to avert a Klamath fish kill.

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The Klamath and Trinity River salmon are facing dire conditions. Low flows and warm water coupled with an expected large run of salmon are creating the perfect conditions for a Klamath fish kill. During the last fish die off over 60,000 fish died in the Klamath River, devastating local Tribes and coastal fishermen.

The US government has proposed releasing  water from the Trinity River, the Klamath's largest Tributary to advert a disaster in the Klamath, a move the Hoopa Valley Tribe and other Klamath River Tribes and communities support. However Westlands Water District and the San Luis Δ Water Authority from the Central Valley have filed a lawsuit against using the Trinity River water to aid the Trinity and Klamath River salmon. They have obtained a restraining order for at least 9 days against the release of water from a Fresno judge, a move that puts the salmon at immediate risk. The irrigators only have junior water rights as opposed to River Tribes and are using procedural issues within environmental laws to stall action for the salmon.

When the fish kill of 2002 occurred it devastated California's three largest Tribes, along with fishing communities from Oregon to Central California. We cannot let this happen again. Tell Westlands and the San Luis Δ Water Authority to pull their TRO and let the court procedures play out without putting the fish at risk of a fish kill. They have already received all the water they will get for this year and are doing this to preserve water for next year, but the fish need water now.


Public Affairs Office
Westlands Water District
PO Box 6056
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San Luis Δ Water AuthorityLOS BAÑOS ADMINISTRATION OFFICE    Phone: 209.826.9696Fax: 209.826.9698/209.826.8040Postal addressP.O. BOX 2157         LOS BAÑOS, CA. 93635


Letter to
Westlands Water District
Westlands Water District
San Luis Δ Water Authority
Allow the Government to Release Water to Avert a Klamath Fish Kill

Dear Westlands Water District and San Luis Δ Water Authority

Let the water flow, please pull your Motion for Injunctive Relief Against the Release of Trinity River Water to Avert a Klamath Fish Kill. The Klamath and Trinity Salmon desperately need the water. Using environmental laws to deny water to salmon is unethical and puts the entire West Coast fishing industry and California's largest Tribes at risk. You took similar stalling action in the early 2000, which added to the poor conditions that caused the fish kill in 2002. This is truly an unneeded and obstructionist action.

We are not asking for you to pull your lawsuit, though we suggest you do as it is not supported by the nearly fifty years of legislative action around these water diversions. All the laws pertaining to these diversions have put the needs of Tribes and fisheries before out of basin diversions. We are only asking that you stop your objection to the current use of water as your concerns are for next year's water allocations and the fish need water now. Please let the case play out without killing the Klamath River's Salmon and causing a calamity that the Klamath salmon, and communities that depend on them may never recover from.

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