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The State of West Virginia has thousands of veterans. It is time to recognize those that go above and beyond the call of duty, which is why we need to create a state hall of fame that recognizes our combat valor award winners and those who do distinguishing actions in the service and out assisting veterans.   Recognizing our West Virginia Veterans  with a state approved Medal, Certificate for two areas. 1. Combat Valor Decorated Veterans and  2. Veterans that have went on to become instrumental in supporting veterans and veteran programs.

The West Virginia Veterans Hall of Fame would work with the State Department of Veterans affairs and the State Archives and History department, it would be comprised of volunteers and appointed Board Members that would meet to review applications and request awards to be presented at the appointed time. The Hall of Fame would present medals with a signed letter of appreciation from the Governor and have their story and name archived within the state archives so that future generations may locate and research their family and friends. The Hall of Fame would also request that an area be reserved on the outside wall of the state museum to have the names of those inducted inscribed on the wall. The By Laws, design of medals and certificates have been done if needed, but we recognize that the state has a medal that is already in production and in the state code that would be appropriate for the combat valor award nominees, (West Virginia Distinguished Service Medal)  which according to state code woudl be intended to present to veterans that have distinguished themselves in combat, in addition to this award for the Combat Valor veterans we also have the State Legion of Merit that would be fitting for those veterans that have committed to serving veterans, I feel that putting together resources and code already in place would be an option and cut cost greatly in order to bring about an appropriate and fitting recognition for service for our state's veterans. This petition is designed to generate support for The West Virginia Veterans Hall of Fame. Please feel free to contact me directly at (James McCormick-CPT -RET US ARMY) 


Letter to
West Virginia State House
West Virginia State Senate
West Virginia Governor
I am Cpt (RET) James McCormick a West Virginia Native and retired Veteran of the Armed Forces, I have an idea or a proposal that I wish to be considered or our state. That is the establishment of a West Virginia Veterans Hall of fame; this hall of fame would be like no other as it would recognize our combat heroes and also those that have made signifigent contributions to the veterans of West Virginia. In the WV State Code we have two medals that would be fitting to award our two levels of Veterans inducted into the hall of fame and those two medals are the West Virginia Distinguished Service Medal for our combat valor awardees and the West Virginia Legion of Merit for our Veterans that have served the veterans of West Virginia. Both awards are appropriate and meet the criteria outlined in WV CODE 15 that lays out the qualifications for such awards. In addition to this if you would be so kind to look to the state museum that has several outside red granite plates that surround the museum and any of these plates would be an appropriate location to engrave the names of those inducted into the West Virginia Veterans Hall of fame for Combat Valor or Service to Veterans. I and many others feel this can be done with the implementation of already established WV Code and awards available and with the coordination between the WV Veterans assistance and WV Museum this very well could be a “Home Run” for West Virginia veterans. I envision a wonderful event that would bring the veterans to the museum to be decorated for their heroism under fire or their service to veterans and then have them receive a letter of appreciation from the Governor and have their stories recorded in the archives. This I see is a way to not only say thank you, but also identify and preserve the history for future generations to enjoy.

James McCormick
PO BOX 883
New Haven, WV 25265