Mother and baby psychiatric unit for SOUTH WALES (MBU)

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I have a very personal reason for campaigning. The past 12 months I’ve spent more time in way from my children than with them from being in a unit in #Exeter My first admission back august last year for postpartum psychosis I spent months and months away from my 4 beautiful boys this effected them inconceivably leaving the childrens well-being obliterated. i believe a local mother and baby unit would of aided my recovery and diagnosis of bipolar as family play a huge part in rehabilitation in the transition home which was made extremely hard being in England so far away from my boys and  especially being diagnosed with #bipolar and #ptsd  along my journey #mbu #postpartumpsychosis #instagram #welshassembly #Wales #ystradmynch #Tycyfannol Many South Wales mums have suffered , to the point I tried to take my own life and ended up in a coma on ventilator and sedated, how many more mums have to die or suffer without the help . locally we have a fantastic perinatal team in Ystrad Mynach that covers a vast area but it needs expanding to a mother and baby unit for their amazing work to continue.thank you love � Leaza Jayne Lloyd

we are in desperate need of MOTHER AND BABY UNIT in South Wales even if there are plans for an unconfirmed one in north wales . 

especially as the welsh government fund the mums placed in units in wales,

this could be money used to create a mother and baby unit in wales