We want an inquest regarding the hit and run of Jari Wise.

We want an inquest regarding the hit and run of Jari Wise.

2 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Faith Tkalac

Jari Wise was just 26 years of age when he was struck by the van of his female partner in February of 2020.

Over a span of approximately 3 years he was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of his partner.

Many times he called the police, many times they removed Jari from the property, not because he was the aggressor but because the officers were blatantly aware that his female partner was the perpetrator and that Jari needed a safe place.

Her final act of violence was to run Jari down in her van, leave him on the roadside and continue to a party.

His partner has done a short amount of time in prison for the reckless behaviour on this night but has never been found accountable for Jari’s death.

Yes, she received drink driving charges, yes, she was charged with drink driving, yes, she was charged with not stopping to assist.

Yet she was not charged for Jari’s death. Why?? 

This is not a witch hunt nor a vendetta, Jari’s family just want the truth to be heard.

There are statements that are available to the public stating that they have in fact seen Jari fleeing from the car that she has been driving.

Jari has in fact been seen “running for his life” to escape her vehicle in the months prior to his death.

Two statements that were provided and made the mind up of the DPP (Daryl Coates) were that Jari Wise “has a history of jumping in front of moving vehicles”

These statements decided the outcome of the sentencing that was received.

These statements were made by a family member and a best friend of the perpetrator.

Jari’s family have gone over the investigation with a fine tooth comb and found multiple in discrepancies within the files.

They feel that it is well within the publics interests to look further into these findings (hold an inquest) so that this injustice doesn’t occur again.

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Signatures: 950Next goal: 1,000
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