Bring Victorian alcohol limits for probiotic (brewed) soft drinks up to national standards

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Hand crafted probiotic softdrinks need a small amount of 'room to brewve'.  They are a direct result of a symbiotic process of fermentation whereby the alcohol is produced and consumed simultaneously. 

The current National Food Standards Code* defines a brewed soft drink as containing an ABV of no more than 1.15%. Only Queensland and Victoria override this directive and say that all soft drinks must be UNDER 0.5% ABV.

A 330ml bottle of Kombucha at 1.15% ABV is LESS THAN 0.3 of a standard drink!!

I believe this to be a negligible amount and a valid alcoholic limit for a soft drink.

We are asking to amend the Victorian legislation so the ABV limit can be standardised across Australia for the benefit of an entire industry and the health and well being of all Australians.

All craft brewers should be able to brew and distribute their truly healthy probiotic brews and foods nationwide with ease so that everyone can benefit from these life-giving products!

Your signature on this petition will help change the future of probiotic brews in Australia!

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*National Food Standards Code – Standard 2.6.2 – Non-alcoholic beverages and brewed soft drinks; section 1.1.2-3.