We Demand a stop to the Ebola Bio-terrorism and Genocide in West Africa

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We Demand a stop to the Ebola Bio-terrorism and Genocide in West Africa

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There is more than compelling evidence that these ongoing massive Ebola deaths are acts of  bio-terrorism and genocide/depopulation project, paid for by the U.S, with U.S. payer tax dollars.  The U.S. owns EIGHT patents on the Ebola virus, and the CDC owns the patent on those hundreds of thousands of hermetically sealed coffin liners, stacked and ready  for use, off of hwy 20, in the county of Madison, Georgia. 

Additionally, Bill Gates, whose been traveling around Africa “immunizing its population,” has his “seed money” investment into Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TKMR) (TKM.TO), a leading developer of RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics, “ and the makers of that “experimental  Ebola vaccine” which Gate’s is alleged to own the patent. This "experimental vaccine" which is an ebola/rabies cocktail, has been "fast tracked"  by the FDA with the aid of a naive, but well intentioned Dr. Ahmed Tejan-Sie, a Liberian. This vaccine has never been tested on a human population.

In Liberia, the epicenter of this outbreak is in Kenema. The same location where the U.S. has 2 secret bioweapons labs. There are also bioweapons labs in both Sierra Leon and Guinea. 

As it stands, more than 2000 children have been left both homeless and orphaned. There has been mass displacement of villagers and city residents, creating a refugee crisis of mammoth proportion. All affected economies are on the verge to total collapse, and the remaining survivors are quarantined by the millions, in horrendously squalid conditions.  

We need to call this horrible massive suffering and deaths what it is, and stop deluding ourselves into believing the MSM lies that this weaponized virus is indigenous to Nature, and was sparked due to the "poor ignorant" African who has been eating "bush meat," (like the West eats wild boar) for thousands of years without incidence.  

Obama’s response to this orchestrated holocaust was to send  in 3,000 American troops, with promises of more to come. Their hidden mission is to establish a command center to further expand AFRICOM, and to secure borders around the areas where oil and other important minerals have been found.

These West African economies deliberately are being sabotaged and decimated to open the road for the IMF and U.S. central bankers, to block the trade in the Chinese Yuan, and to stop any future infrastructure development by China.

If the American people do not take to the streets and hold their government accountable, Ebola will be right here at our door steps, as they are allowing it to come by design. 

There's a hidden agenda here, and  we need to get our heads out of the sand (a la Nazi Germany) and stop living in denial. We are watching a deliberate and orchestrated holocaust right before our very eyes.  

 If you agree, please share this info with others. Demand that President Obama stop this genocid. 


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