We are urging the DHET to revise the N+2 rule as it unfairly excludes the needy Students

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We are urging Dr. Blade Nzimande, the Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Technology to revise the N+2 rule as it unfairly excludes the needy Students. The rule should only be implemented on NSFAS funded years and currently, it looks at how many years you have been on the tertiary institution's system and it does not matter whether you were funded or not.

The reasons for being on the system for that long can vary from Funding, family issues, all the way to the academic problems. Some students were never funded hence they stayed on the system for that long, some even took the gap years because of funding, but when they apply for NSFAS their applications become unsuccessful because of the N+2 Rule, but why? NSFAS never funded those students or they were only funded for only a year which the passed with flying colors. Well, it is because they have been on the system for N+2 years.

It would be fair for NSFAS to count the number of years it has been funding you and not the other way around.

We kindly ask you to completely remove the Rule on final year students and the N should only count NSFAS funded years on the other study levels. If one exceeds the maximum allowed time before the final year, funding continuation should be dealt on a case-by-case basis but a final year financial needy student should be funded regardless of the above.

Thank you