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The purpose of this petition is to refocus on an active fresh thorough  investigation in the missing persons case of at the time 16 year old Jamekia S. Sabb. She deserves to get the same media coverage as any other MISSING PERSONS CASE!  AT first It may have looked like a teenage girl being disobedient and running away from home. As the time passed that hope turned into a harsh reality because she never returned home. Not only did she not return home, she had no activity on her social media accounts, and no communication with any of her friends or family. The days turned into months and the months turned into 7 years as of November 22, 2013. This is a child that we are talking about who had her whole life ahead of her. Without this case being reopened we may never bring Jamekia home safe or at the least some closure for the family. With the right media attention and help from the community to get her story out and not just locally but across the country there is a good chance that someone could come forward with the smallest bit of information that could spark the investigation back up. Maybe they never seen the small bit of attention the case received back when the investigation started. I have lived in charlotte since 1998 and knew nothing about her disappearance. Thats why its so important to reopen this case, between flyers, the media, a billboard, and social media we will reach so many more people than were reached previously. Her friends were just teenagers at the time of her disappearance, 6 years is enough time to mature and realize the importance of giving even the smallest piece of information to the investigators. Requestioning the same individuals as well as new individuals is vital. Someone knows something or seen something. She did not just vanish. Searching different areas in charlotte with the proper amount of people by foot to cover large areas to see if we can locate any evidence of her,  can not hurt and can give her family some sense of peace. If one of my daughters were missing i would never give up the search, i would never allow her face to be forgotten because somebody some where knows something and we have to be her voice. We are all praying for Jamekia's safe return but we also have to keep our minds open to all other possibilities such as her life being taken, being forced into human trafficking or even being held captive some where close to where she was taken from. Too many of the missing person victims have been failed bye our legal system because searches we're not done properly or people stop searching and they were held captive and alive for years but the cases went cold. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight were all teenagers held captive for over a decade within miles from their homes. Rosalyn McGinnis was held 19yrs before being found. Elizabeth Smart also a teenager held for 9 months 18 miles from home. Jaycee Dugard was located after 18 years. Danielle Cramer found after a year. Connie Mcallister was abducted from the United States and held captive in Mexico for 9 years before she was found alive. Tanya Kach was 15 when she willing went with an older man she cosidered her boyfriend who ended up keeping her against her will for 6 years. Then we have Natasha Ryan who was 14 willingly living with an overage man for 5 years before being found. All these stories give us hope  and enough reason to not  give up.Thats why we are gonna fight for justice for Jamekia Sabb! We are not going to fail her any longer. We are gonna make sure her face is seen and remembered so she will not be another statistic. We will be able to find her because you cant find someone you dont know is missing. The change that needs to be made is stemming from the negative lessons that came out of the last few missing persons cases where the girls escaped after years and years of captivity. The time spent searching should be extended and once the case slows down there should be a regular schedule to where that missing persons case is continuously being put out in the media (or social media) and throughout the United States so that their faces are never forgotten. To many of these missing persons are waiting on is to find them but in reality over time people stop looking. That needs to change. Yes i agree if the person is not found in the first 48hrs chances go down for the persons safe return.  Now there's too many cases showing that if a body doesn't come up after so much time of searching there is still a chance they are alive and just waiting to be found. So everybody let's get this petition signed and get this investigation going because if we do not get all the needed signatures on this petition we may never bring Jamekia home. Never forget the missing. 





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