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Allow Morgan Geyser to receive treatment for her mental illness

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Our beautiful daughter Morgan is twelve years old, and has been diagnosed with childhood-onset schizophrenia. Unfortunately, her diagnosis came too late, and she is being charged as an adult for crime that occurred last May. 

Morgan has spent the majority of the past 11 months in a windowless jail, where she has no access to the outdoors and is not allowed physical contact with her family. This is a situation that would be harmful to the development of any child, but especially so for a child with a serious mental illness. She has received no treatment for her brain disease since being diagnosed. This is extremely concerning, because research has shown that early treatment of schizophrenia and psychosis improves long term prognosis. We are worried that if Morgan doesn’t receive treatment soon, we will lose her to her disease.

Morgan's attorney recently filed a motion to have her bail reduced to a signature bond, on the condition that Morgan be transferred to a residential treatment center. Judge Bohren denied the motion, stating that Morgan is "a danger to the community and a flight risk." We do not believe this is true. Morgan had no history of violence prior to the incident in May, and has displayed no violent behavior since. Her actions that tragic day were a direct result of the delusions she suffers because of her schizophrenia. In reality, the longer Morgan goes without treatment, the more dangerous she becomes. Every day that passes without treatment decreases the likelihood that she will recover and have the opportunity to become a productive member of society. Morgan is just a child, and she deserves that opportunity and a second chance at life. Please sign my petition asking Judge Michael Bohren to allow Morgan to receive treatment for her mental illness. 

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