Gov. Inslee "Clemency NOW" Many Vulnerable INMATES still NEED your HELP! COVID-19 WA DOC.

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Governor Jay Inslee,

I am writing to you today, to ask and urge you to address COVID-19 and do something about this PANDEMIC in WA-DOC.

The small amount that you have included in your most recent proclamation, to reduce the population inside WA state prisons, does NOT meet the need, that Washington needs or the space they will need for proper social distancing and unfortunately it will not work. Inmates that fell under your rapid release program, over a week ago,  are still incarcerated. Why is that? Everything is ready to go,  address,  $, meds, ride and all.  But, they're still waiting! So much for Rapid Release. 

Please move this matter to the top of your list.

COVID-19 is threatening the health of us all, as well as the lives of inmates in WA DOC.

I  ask you to consider and sign my petition to release the most vulnerable inmates, who have less than six month to a year or so left in their sentence, and are of NO risk or threat to our communities, out of prisons and county jails immediately.

Even if for some this may mean supervise probation, home confinement or some other type monitoring system.

Please do something to help the most vulnerable inmates now and keep them safe.

I urge you to help prevent and slow down this virus from spreading inside WA DOC.

COVID-19 will continue to spread from staff to inmates and back into our communities, unless you do something about it now. Unfortunately it's just a matter of time before this Pandemic takes over inside these facilities.

DOC, specifically the Monroe State Prison reformatory located at MCC and King County have already been exposed and affected by COVID-19 and very soon all of the other Washington State Correctional facilities will also be exposed and inmates as well as DOC staff will be in danger of contracting and spreading the Coronavirus.

Also as we ALL know, social distancing and self isolation is impossible inside these prisons for everyone involved including DOC staff.

The inmates are worried, helpless, and scared of the unknown, given the circumstances they are facing and their less than sanitary living conditions. 

Inmates in the Monroe reformatory units A & B were under quarantine for two weeks and on Monday 3/23/20 they were taken off of quarantine. However, and unfortunately just a few days later C and D units, along with A and B were put back under quarantine, due to a few inmates feeling sick and one testing positive for COVID-19. 

DOC claimed there were no inmates who had tested positive for COVID-19 that was until today. We now know, that an inmate tested positive for COVID-19 and is being treated in a undisclosed hospital. However,  this once again puts the entire prison back at risk and in danger of contracting the COVID-19 Virus. 

This all happened around March 12th. When a C.O. tested positive for the Coronavirus.

I do understand, that these correction officers, do have to work and that they also have families that they care about and love and they matter also.

But we have to do better! 

Over 200 inmates, spent two weeks quarantined and were stuck in their cells and confined to isolate in such small spaces, without much fresh air. They were only allowed out of their cells for about 20 to 30 minutes a day and 1 hour in the day room. This is not healthy for their mental health.  This is mandatory lockdown,  without them doing anything wrong!

During the first quarantine DOC nurses did however, as the "Link" to the article below says made their rounds  and checked their temperature once a day for the first few days. However, about 3 to 4 days into quarantine it all stopped!

With a Pandemic such as COVID-19 this should be protocol and a daily thing to do especially right now for all inmates and the entire DOC staff.

Perhaps to reduce the exposure and lessen the interactions with DOC staff this could mean making a thermometer to be available inside each unit and allowing them to do so themselves.

There are too many vulnerable low level inmates who are at risk and have no chance of surviving the Coronavirus and some of them have served enough time and should be released on home confident or some type of monitoring system immediately. I ask you to use your clemency authority and release some of them now. Before is too late. 

Many of these inmates in our prisons are older and in poor health, who may also have a variety of other serious underlying health issues.

But, they do NOT deserve a death sentence. 

Inside these prisons and county jail,  it is impossible to practice social distancing or be able to obtain the proper sanitizing products.

These inmates did not ask, for this! None of us did.

The Washington State Department of Corrections should have and should be doing a better job of monitoring their staff, to keep it from getting inside again. We know masks are hard to find right now and  DOC staff does not have enough for them to wear at this moment.

However,  The latest information I received,  said that inmates at the reformatory unit, were given white bandanas, rubber bans, and coffee filters to wear as masks. Very disappointing.

COVID-19 will continue to be brought in to the prisons and county jails by CO's and staff in Washington and ALL other states alike and it will be impossible to stop this virus from spreading. We need to keep the inmates and staff safe.

I ask you Governor Inslee to please sign this petition and grant early release to the most vulnerable inmates in WA prisons and county jails who have served most of their sentence and have less than six months to a year remaining with hopes to slow down the virus and also by doing so free-up some space within the units to allow social distancing. This will also help in preventing the most at-risk from contracting, spreading, and potentially dying from COVID-19.

Thank you!


PS: DOC handed out bandanas as masks and has distributed antibacterial soaps. But, it is not enough!

I URGE you,  to use your Clemency powers and do the right thing!



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