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Take Immediate Action on Whooping Cough

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Given that the Washington State Department of Health’s mission statement includes:

"Leading changes in policies, systems and environments to prevent illness and injury"

And considering that all pertussis-containing (whooping cough) vaccines including the DPT, DTaP, and TdaP vaccines have been found to create asymptomatic carriers, increase strain mutation and strain replacement, and effectiveness is decreased with subsequent vaccinations (see for an in-depth video and links to all references cited ),

And considering that every day that passes in which the general public is unaware of these facts, and every day that vaccine providers, clinics, and hospitals require or recommend "cocooning" puts vulnerable populations at risk,

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that the DOH immediately:

1.     Form a Special Advisory Committee to examine in-depth the pertussis dilemma.

2.     Inform the public and all vaccination providers of the risk of asymptomatic transmission, strain replacement, mutant strains, and decreased effectiveness with subsequent vaccination.

3.     Instruct appropriate health care providers to screen all individuals potentially exposed to pertussis regardless of vaccination status.

4.     Consider incorporating RDT (rapid diagnosis technology) for pertussis and other communicable infections as promising new tools to help limit the spread of infection.

5.     Research safest methods of addressing cases of pertussis infection for best outcomes. Compare antibiotic treatment to Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ Vitamin C protocol.

6.     Track pertussis infection according to strain, vaccination status, symptomatic or asymptomatic status, to improve future research and policy decisions.

7.     Discontinue recommending pertussis-containing vaccines to the public and to pregnant women.

8.     Remove pertussis from list of daycare and school-required vaccinations.

9.     Advise extreme caution in use of DT or Td vaccines in lieu of pertussis containing vaccines: see manufacturer’s inserts for apnea and other adverse reactions. The formulations contain between 170-530 mcg of aluminum per dose, and several contain up to .33 mcg of the mercury preservative thimerosal. No vaccine, not even the ones currently recommended by the CDC, have been licensed by the FDA for use during pregnancy for protection of the fetus because adequate safety studies have not yet been done. See manufacturer inserts.

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