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Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii join Canada

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Since the election of Donald Trump, west coast and Hawaiian Democrats have found themselves living in a nightmare. Escaping to Canada isn't can take years to be accepted as an immigrant! However, secession from the USA then joining Canada would solve many problems at once:

1. People of Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii get to live in a country of like-minded, tolerant people. Free health care is just the start! Gun control laws are already in place. The free, public schools are the best schools. University education is affordable. Children grow up in diverse schools where they learn tolerance from a very early age. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ensures all people are truly equal, regardless of race, religion, and sexual orientation. All people have the same rights. 

2. Canada gains access to the diverse economies of the US west coast, greatly diversifying and enlarging the Canadian economy. Canadians gain the opportunity to work for industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple, without a work visa. Vacations to the warm climates of California and Hawaii become affordable again.

It's truly a win-win scenario, and now is the time to make it happen!

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