Boycott 'A Star Is Born' With Sex Predator Jon Peters, Lady Gaga, and Andrew Dice Clay

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If you are an African-American or care about the plight we face in this country, you must spread the word about our boycott of this film and its stars. The first step is signing the petition here.

Warner Bros can fool people by controlling reviews and providing "specialties" to many of the news outlets to hype the film up. However, they can't fool us -- especially minorities who are hurt by racism and women who are hurt by sexual predators.

Speaking of sexual predators, Warner Bros. is being careful to not publicize the fact that this film is produced by Jon Peters, who is known as the "Trump of Hollywood."  He not only lost a major sexual assault trial in 2011, but has been alleged to harass many women of color, some who have hinted about their careers being ruined when they didn't succumb to his advances.  

The star of this film, Lady Gaga (who was hired instead of Beyoncé for some reason), holds herself up as a beacon of equality, but that is far from the truth. Let’s go back to March of 2012. It was rumored that Lady Gaga held a blackface slave auction in Germany, but her fans insist that it was just a regular party and she was just happy to pose with two men in chains wearing blackface.

Whatever, the intentions -- it was wrong. And she ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to be called out on this. She also filmed a video that encourages rape with R. Kelly, who has victimized many young black women and teenagers.

Then, we have Andrew Dice Clay, a man who is known for his misogyny, racism, and homophobia, who is also prominently featured in the film. If you don't remember who Andrew Dice Clay is, here is a good place to start

PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE ABOUT THIS TOPIC and sign the petition. We are demanding that Warner Brothers stop distribution of the movie and that all theater chains refuse from showing it. If not, there will be large protests at theaters showing this.