Continue and complete Thundercats (2011) on Netflix, CN Adult Swim, Hulu, etc.

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I'm trying to help right a wrong that was done many years ago. You see, a revival of the hit TV show Thundercats aired in 2011 and was cut short due to expenses and I was greatly upset because it was a great TV show with an amazing story and adventure that a lot of people would love to see how it ends. I'm starting this petition now because a new reboot called Thundercats Roar came out a while ago and while it's not that bad of a show, it's not that great either. See a lot of people are upset with Cartoon Network airing so many comedy reboots because they feel like they just make fun of the original due to the radical changes made to the genre. Anyway, since the Thundercats franchise came back again, I thought it might be time to try to bring back the 2011 version of Thundercats so that it can be finished. I read online that the canceled second season was actually greenlit and the writers made a lot of story material already. I read it and felt like it needed to be made into a show. This is why I am asking for help in getting in back by having it air on Netflix to complete the series or maybe Cartoon Networks Adult Swim or Hulu. Anywhere works so long as the show gets revived and finished. If you guys can help, I'd very much appreciate the effort. After all, they have been reviving and/or finishing a lot of canceled shows/movies recently. Ex: Samurai Jack, Star Wars Clone Wars, Young Justice, Rocko's modern life, Invader Zim, and Hey Arnold.