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Walmart: More people will live better with less food waste!

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Nearly 700,000 people in Colorado are food insecure and 48 million Americans struggle to get enough to eat each day. At the same time, 20 percent of the produce grown in America is rejected by grocery stores because it’s cosmetically imperfect; it just looks different.

The good news: the solutions to food waste are delicious, easy to apply, and they’ll save you money. One simple and important step is asking Walmart along the Front Range to start selling imperfect-looking fruit and vegetables that normally go to waste.

If our nation’s largest supermarket – Walmart – follows the lead set in Europe, we’ll help a lot of people in need while assuring farmers’ hard work isn’t going to waste. The U.K.’s largest grocery chain, Tesco, is publicly disclosing how much of its food goes to waste and, in March, started selling a range of “ugly” vegetables called “Perfectly Imperfect” in 200 of its stores. It has also pledged to begin sharing its unsold food with charity by the end of 2017.

Similarly, Whole Foods has launched a pilot program in California.

As a Colorado resident and co-organizer of Feeding the 5000 Front Range, I am always looking for ways to reduce wasted food.

Consumer education is important. And we know that people in our wonderful state of Colorado can influence Walmart. So please, Walmart, start selling ugly produce here along the Front Range! And then do it both statewide and nationally!

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