Stop trademarks on Norse gods

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The German brewery " Wacken Brauerei " has trademarked 23 names from Nordic Mythology, and are now threatening breweries from Denmark and other places to withdraw their beers. The Danish Munkebo Breweryis one of the affected.

This is a disgrace to our communities, we should all be allowed to use the names contained in Nordic Mythology and the names of our old gods in the brewing industry and other areas, don't take ownership and limit creativity.

Some of the names they trademarked are:
Mjølner, Heimdal, Hugin, Munin, Yggdrasil, Sleipner, Tyr, Hymer, Ragnarok, Surt, Balder, Freya, Loke, Thor and Idun.

I truly hope they will withdraw or cancel these trademarks or at least let them do their thing.

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After reading their post update, it absolutely still doesn't justify their decision on these patents.
Their excuse was, lawyers advised that if they didn't do it, someone else could. Well then, let the "someone else" take a huge shit storm and hurt/destroy their own business.
NO ONE should trademark or patent these names, that's the whole point. - and the companies that do, are clearly out of touch with their customers and the Asatru communities.