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Bring back our luggage!

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This goal of this petition is to force Vueling to massively improve their customer relationship management to bring back people's luggage ASAP.

Apparently, the Spanish airline Vueling Airlines SA - hereinafter named as Vueling - has massive problems in delivering passengers' luggage within time. In addition to that, their customer service through various channels - phone, online, email - is close to non-existent and surely a worst-practise for a good relationship management.

Recent experiences include the following random example (there are dozens of other similar experiences): Flight on Sunday August 2, 2015 from Barcelona, Spain (BCN) to Malaga, Spain (AGP) with Vueling flight VY2125. Unfortunately not every passenger received his/her luggage at Malaga airport, approx. 10-15% of the corresponding flight didn't get their luggage, so the lost luggage was immediately claimed at Malaga airport. Since today (Saturday August 8, 2015) the luggage hadn't been found and/or being delivered to its owner. Its not possible to trace the luggage through the website suggested by Vueling as it shows since 6 days "the search continues, please check again later" without any update or addtl. info in the meantime. If s.o. tries to call the dedicated Vueling Lost&Found telephone number, one either gets kicked out immediately (despite the fact that they say each call is being recorded for training purposed) or gets kicked out of the waiting loop after approx. 20mins. If one sends an email to the dedicated L&F email address given by Vueling, there is no answer even after a couple of days, the same is true after having filled-out the special L&F extended questionnaire. If one tries to contact to contact Vueling through social media channels (e.g. twitter @Vueling or @VuelingClients) you either get an answer consisting of text blocks or in the very end an answer that Vueling's social media channel isn't able to help customers and/or sorting out any problems, instead it's only purpose is "generic information".

Last but not least it goes w/o saying that Vueling didn't offer any compensation to any affected passengers yet.

This goal of this petition is to force Vueling to massively improve their customer service & -relationship management, to inform affected passengers accordingly and to bring back people's luggage within time. So, as said, the example above is just a random example, if anything comparable happened also to you, please support and sign this petition.

Thank you, 

many disappointed Vueling customers w/o luggage

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