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Stop The Blue Whale Challenge Now - Save Every Life

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This petition isn't your average petition. If you've come across this then I'm begging you to help. I'm not asking for much, I just want to save life's, all life's. 

The Blue Whale Challenge. 

What is this you ask? This is a challenge was created very recently by a young man called Philipp Budeikin from Russia. This is where the game originally started and it's spreading like wild fire. Death is spreading like wild fire. 

This "challenge" targets very vulnerable individuals to take part in small tasks, each more extreme and heartbreaking than the last. What are these tasks you ask? Below I will list some of the ones I have come across in my short time researching this horrific new trend, If you have a weak stomach or think you can handle this, please leave now and thank you for giving me your time up until now. 

- Carving symbols and pictures into your body with bare bloody razor blades 

- Depriving and punishing your body of sleep for extreme periods of time and waking yourself up in the middle of the night, alone and growing more and more broken by the minute. 

- Recklessly climbing to the top of buildings, and exposing yourself to the edge in the middle of the night for a little "thrill" of what's to come. 

- Watching horror movies provided by the creator for 24 hours straight to expose your brain to such terrifying images and footage  that will NEVER leave your mind and will eat your brain alive. 

So, if you're currently sat there thinking "hmm, that's not too bad I guess?"...

You couldn't be more wrong, a countless number of human beings, like me and you, are now TAKING THEIR OWN LIFE after completing this challenge. Life is made so unbearable and numb that the only way to feel alive, is to die. The next poor victim could be someone close to you, a friend, daughter, son, the list goes on. 

I won't drag this on and take much more of your time but please do the world and the next desperate human being a favour and stop this now. Not tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. You have the power to stop this now and save innocent life's. It's our responsibility to do the right thing and make positive changes for this world and I strongly believe that every single human is no less important and remarkable than the last. 

Lets fight this. Let's unite. Let's end this. 

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