Petition update

Over 1,000 signatures and SGA involvment

Lauren McClellan
Richmond, VA

Jul 29, 2013 — Right now this petition has 1,038 signatures and that is AWESOME! Thank you for your support!

Recently, I met with SGA member George Pottanat to talk about some comments that were made in a statement by VCU saying that the SGA had been told about the new fee for the transit passes last semester. Afterward, the SGA decided to get involved! Here's an excerpt from a letter to the VCU student body by SGA President Vikhyath Veeramachaneni:

"Much to our concern, we have not been able to confirm that such a discussion as that which relates to the troubling rise in bus pass cost was ever facilitated to or engaged in with the SGA Senate. The only information on record that could be viewed as similar in subject matter is a discussion of a semester parking pass cost increase – but this is not the same as rise in transit fee."

The SGA is meeting with VCU administration on July 31! Let's wish them luck and give them a big thank you for getting involved with this issue!


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