Call for immediate resignation / removal of Amanda Fisk as Middleville Village President

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As a longtime resident, we have enjoyed the loving, family-friendly, safe feeling we have here in our hometown of Middleville, Michigan. It is the reason I am calling to have Village President, Amanda Fisk, removed from office immediately.

Amanda has been known to post quite controversial statements on social media but her recent post where she openly laughed over the death of public conservative figure Rush Limbaugh, was disgraceful, hateful, and unbecoming of the public role she holds as the President of our peaceful, loving village. This type of behavior has been an ongoing theme with Ms. Fisk and it’s time we demand better from our local government.

Amanda shared a news article from the WoodTV8 page about the recent death of Conservative Spokesman, Rush Limbaugh, who died of cancer. Amanda’s statements above the post were: “HAHAHAHAHA *deep breath* HAHAHAHAHA”(actual screenshot posted above),  taking great joy in reveling in the horrible death of another human being, simply because he has political views that are different than hers. As a current cancer patient, I am appalled to think that the person representing my hometown takes joy in someone dying from cancer simply because she dislikes their views. 

After seeing the hatred that our recently inducted Village President has spewed publicly on social media, time and time again, the residents have a responsibility to voice their concerns, as we cannot allow our Village to be represented and run by a spirit of hate, especially during these times when we are all grasping to stay connected and maintain a small sense of security during this pandemic. We deserve to feel safe! As residents, we should be able to trust that ALL of our views and needs will be valued by our local government officials! Lastly, we should feel secure in knowing that our Village President doesn’t hate and wish ill of those she represents who don’t share her same views! We have invested too much into this amazing and loving town to have our Village’s reputation ruined by being painted in such hatred by our own Village President! We should have a say in whether this is who we want representing us, as we did not vote her in.  

We DO NOT condone threats being sent to Ms. Fisk, and am hoping that we, The People, can utilize the government forums put in place to address concerns properly, responsibly, and maturely.  

Call To Action:    I urge you to sign this petition, which will then be presented to the Village Council for the upcoming Village Town Hall Meeting, which will be held via Zoom. Detailed information on how to have your statements accounted for by the Village Council are below (Copied from the Village of Middleville Webpage)

Village of Middleville: Town Hall Meeting - February, 23, 2021 at 7pm via Zoom. INFO BELOW

“Members of the public wishing to participate in these meetings must do so electronically via the following website address Meeting ID 823 7028 5414, Passcode 639977. Detailed instructions for joining the video conference of the meeting and providing public comments via video conference are included below.

Alternatively, to participate in the meeting by providing public comment, you may email your public comment to the following email address Emails received prior to 6:30 pm on February 23, 2021, at the above-listed address, will be read aloud during public comment. Persons with special needs who wish to attend should contact the Village Clerk no later than February 22, 2021 at 4:00 pm to make arrangements for participation.  In all other respects, the February 23, 2021 Regular Council meeting will be held in accordance with Michigan’s Open Meetings Act and the Council rules of procedure, as those rules may be modified from time to time.

100 East Main Street
Middleville, MI 49333

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