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The Big Group – a creative hospitality agency that has specialised in major events, catering, creative services and venue management for the last 30 years.
We were forced to stand down our 1400 staff on March 17th before the announcement of JobKeeper. Currently it is illegal for us to operate under government restrictions.

Hospitality Events - major events (Spring Racing Carnival, AFL Grand Final, Australian Open), business events inbound and out bound, festivals, wedding sector, social events, philanthropy.
Often confused with HOSPITALITY Retail which is the restaurant, bar cafe sector.
Business Events 
-       $35 billion dollar economic driver, employing 300,000 people

Wedding Sector
-       $2 billion wedding sector, employing 750,00 people 

-       Employees, sole traders, temp visa workers, sub-contractors in the tens of thousands 
-       Creatives services, marquee and equipment suppliers, caterers, florists, AV and production, transportation, security, arts and entertainment, beauty, fashion etc 

Big issues is timing - Planning times are 6-18 months for events 
We were the first out and will be the last back into market – we are the forgotten sector.
Current roadmap out wipes off all trade for October, November and December, crashing businesses and making people move their event for a second or third time - and the flow on effect hits 2021.
There is a lack of understanding of planning timelines for events – the events that will need to be cancelled due to restrictions were planned years ago. With 9 months of our industry at zero revenue, our industry won’t recover until 2023.
Our industry is structured and planned - we are prepared for Covid and have set out the model for safety, distancing, track, tracing and isolation, we know who all participants are as they are ticketed/registered.
We need a model for large indoor scale venues ASAP as at 50 pax by Nov 23 no venue open for a very long time, as future booking have no density models.
We need an OUTDOOR DENSITY QUOTIENT this week from GOVT/ DHHS for outdoor events to save our summer
Outdoor events are safer than indoor events by 20 times yet the Victorian Government won’t release any data on density quotients so that the industry can plan for this.
This is vital for events like Grand Final, Melbourne Cup and the AO planning which must happen now.
Added the re activation of Melbourne CBD - we need to plan to have open air rooftop bars and concerts - we need to use our creativity and scale to re-open the city.
We must have density quotient this week!!!
Current rules don’t even allow for the ability to put on a virtual event, yet media have plans to produce TV.
The industry must have a time frame for indoor and outdoor density quotient to work from so we can plan 2021 - This must be action within weeks 
Most liveable city and the major events capital of Australia 
Return to glory via innovation to restore hope for the general public and business confidence 
Opportunity to be world leaders on Covid innovation 
Job keeper has been a brilliant initiative and has allowed us to hold onto some culture and team work, but without revenue coming in we cannot rebuild the businesses and are effective acting as centre link. Nationally ASX list companies are returning dividends and paying bonuses due to the scheme and with the end date of March it will never actually provide support to our sector
JobKeeper to remain at its higher rate for our sector 
JobKeeper to be extended for our sector 
Government grants / tax relief etc directed to major events to support their regrowth and respect of the planning cycles
Depression, employee fatigue, metal health issues are snowballing 
Brides who have been moved 3-4 times - I have 600 couples who desperately want to know when, how and if they will have their wedding 
Societal impact of no hope 
We will make it work by making Covid safe outdoor events for Melbourne this Spring and Summer.
#MakeCovidCool by integrating as part of our way of life in a fun manner.
We will work with our corporate clients to innovate - if we can only have 100 in a venue will have 500 on a virtual stream, we will deliver to offices and homes.
We will for brides have a wedding for 50 in the evening for family and a small brunch the next morning for friends, we will live stream to friends and family overseas - we can create new trends 
Charity events solutions - 200 guests at the charity in reals life @ $250pp when allowed (but the opportunity is the 1000 guests @ $25 a head who can view from home)
We have a platform to put 80,000 people into a sporting area (digitally mapped MCG) virtually to all watch the game together using AR, VR and or smart TV, all while seated in your virtual private box with mates 
BOX’D by The Big Group - provides a party in a box for any occasion dropped to your door - 21st, christening, 40th.
We are building new outdoor spaces for people to safely share experiences, this summer - we reopen the old Belgium Beer Bar as ‘The Commons at Ormond Collective’, Melbourne’s prettiest outdoor garden wine bar
Future is always bright and we have the Covid Solutions to make it happen, and get Melbourne back together again safely – in order to plan we need Goal Posts to know where we are kicking the ball!!!

Please sign this petition to help us plead Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Government in stating what the outdoor density quotient this week!!!