Give victims / survivors support needed to obtain justice against disability hate crimes

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Disabled people especially those suffering with autism find dealing with stress and anxiety very difficult, especially when they are victims of crime, it has a huge negative impact on their health, their life both at work and at home as well as their mental well being. They also find it very difficult to express themselves properly and find interacting and communicating with people confusing and overwhelming be it verbal or written.

Adequate funding and support should always be available via a bespoke fund right from the start for those with disabilities such as autism ensuring their needs are met to provide the services and support required so the most vulnerable in our society, who struggle to cope with life in general, let alone when they are the victims of crime, are not left alone to deal with courts, ombudsman, regulators, MP's, media and police plus all the paper work and documentation it entails.

As a disabled survivor of hate crimes suffering with comorbidity autsim (Dyspraxia, ASD & ADHD), I have been fighting a battle against corruption, discrimination and abuse. I have been threatened and manipulated by criminals in financial services as well as misfeasant solicitors and barrister aided by ineffectual regulators and governing bodies, covered up by industry press as well as police and have even had my life endangered by criminal negligence aided by misfeasant judges and lackadaisical police including politicians and have received little to no assistance from any organisation meant to assist those in my predicament.

I should not still be fighting for justice against criminals on my own while still receiving little to no assistance and continuing to be badgered and have false accusations made against me for trying to speak out and obtain justice.

The vulnerable and disabled in our society deserve to be treated fairly and receive the assistance and support needed to ensure they receive justice...  Disabled Lives Matter!