Viacom, Don't Reboot Ren & Stimpy: It will cause trauma and endanger fans and crew

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Chris McCarthy at ViacomCBS has greenlit reboots of several old cartoons. One of these is Ren & Stimpy. While he has assured the public that John K., the show's abusive creator, will not be involved or make money from the show, that does not reduce the negative impact that the show will have on viewers and crew.

1. John K. stands to re-enter the spotlight if his characters become famous again. Despite his uninvolvement, he will likely receive creator credit, and his presence is easy to find online. This man used Ren & Stimpy to lure young people to his studio and into his confidence, only to abuse them, stunt their careers, and molest young girls.  He WILL DO IT AGAIN. Not only that, but seeing his characters come back to life will re-traumatize many of his victims.

2. Ren & Stimpy may (as some have suggested) get a crew of underrepresented groups. But what woman, trans or non-binary person, or POC could work on this without a sick ambivalence about it? Some of us have even thought it might be fun, they should give it to us! But then we realize that day to day production of this show would wear on such a crew. Furthermore, they would likely receive harassment and threats because of their "reimagining." It's not practical.

3. Bringing back original crew to work on the film would be difficult and contentious. Even if they wanted to come back, again Viacom would only be recycling IP.

4. Viacom (Nick especially) has passed on SO many great pitches from young people, POC, and womxn. Why recycle this material when there are so many of us with new ideas. Ideas that aren't ugly, racist, and problematic.

Whatever your feelings about Ren & Stimpy, we urge you to think about the crew (original and potential) and the victims. This property is NOT WORTH the trauma it will create for so many. Cartoons don't just get made. It takes thousands of hours and hundreds of people. This is not something most 21st century artists want to live through. The finished product is not something his victims want to live through. And most importantly, Viacom should never again give John K. the spotlight. If John K. victimized so many the first time and the SECOND time R&S debuted, this will be NO DIFFERENT.