Viacom, Don't Reboot Ren & Stimpy: It will cause trauma and endanger fans and crew

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Why we need to keep at it

Hi all, I just wanted to reach out to let you know we’ve just passed 2,489 signatures on our petition!  If we get 500 more today, we are in the running to be featured on! Please share widely.

Some of you who are signing know exactly what John did, and some who are on the fence about a signature... maybe you don't understand why we are so angry. Why we can't let John K back into the spotlight AT ALL. Please read this article which outlines some of his crimes against underage girls:
The Disturbing Secret Behind an Iconic Cartoon

This article only reports what the writer could verify from her desk. It doesn't include the HALF of what he did, nor the dozens of other young women he has manipulated, harassed, and even molested.

I understand a million times over that John is not involved in this reboot. Money is not the point. Power and fame are what need to be kept from him. Think: Would now be a good time to reboot The Cosby Show? No. No it wouldn't. It's also not a good time to reboot The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Photo: Robyn Byrd at age 16 with love letters and signed photos from John K.


Robyn Byrd
3 months ago