Save the Promenade Ice Chalet, a Cornerstone to the Palos Verdes Community

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 The Promenade Ice Chalet, located in Rolling Hills Estates has been a unique focal point of the Palos Verdes community since 1981 and it faces permanent closure on September 27, 2020. For nearly 4 decades, children, teens and adults have come together to skate, celebrate, spend time with family and friends, and develop rich talents in the Learn to Skate, figure skating and hockey programs. Historically, the Ice Chalet has also served as a venue for birthdays, hockey games, Ice productions, figure skating competitions and even marriage proposals. All members of the Palos Verdes community share fond memories and a common connection to the Ice Chalet. The Ice Chalet has also been a starting point for Olympians and Professional Skaters.

Preserving its historical significance and value to our community can protect it from being demolished or converted into another retail space. 

After all of these years, the family atmosphere continues to thrive at this very special venue. Children and adults are actively vested in the variety or sports and recreation that the Promenade Ice Chalet has to offer. This venue has served our community for many decades and it is now time to take action and prevent its permanent closure.