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Changes and fixes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Hello to all. I'm working on a special project for Counter-Strike. The project involves writing a clear cut list and letter to Valve to fix Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The letter will list the problems and fixes for the game and what the community wants to see. I'm trying to get all big Counter-Strike community contributors for this project, for them to sign and be apart of it. As well as everyone in the Counter-Strike community. Players, casuals, and pros. I feel like not many people talk about this topic and create a full list of problems and fixes for the game. Also a petition will be put online with a video showing all and listing the problems the game faces. I look back at the old majors like Katowice 2015, DreamHack Winter 2014, and Cologne 2015. Probably IMO the best majors for CS. The sounds, competition, and the pure skill. I also feel like what Counter-Strike is missing is nostalgia, the old sounds and old game. I always wonder where is that game, the game that I started playing 10 years ago, the game that I knew and loved. It seems like a long shot and fantasy but if we all work together and get this letter, petition, and tell Valve to fix their game, we can make this a reality. Something can't happen with one person, it happens with everyone. Fixes and problems listed below. Message me for any ideas or questions. (The project is still a work in progress but the petition will start now) (join the discord if you want to discuss or have any ideas)

1. Sound packs, sound mods, and mods. I like a part that CS:GO has always missed was customization. Back in the CSS days you were able to mod the game way more than you are able to mod CS:GO. More players would enjoy the abillity to mod in the game creating new sounds, features, textures, and graphic mods. Also, this would probably bring more players to the game because many players enjoy creating mods. Look at GTA 5, Fallout, Skyrim, CSS, Half-Life, etc. (That way people who enjoy the old sounds can create their own sound packs and implement them in the game and those who enjoy the new sounds can keep them. That way everyone is happy.)

2. Upgrading the Anti-Cheat System (VAC) (Hackers everywhere; MM, Faceit, ESEA, and major qualifiers)

3. Nerfing the SMG's before update 3/31/2015 (In update 3/31/2015 SMG’s got a new meta, RUN N GUN. This lowers the skill ceiling for the game and isn’t something that belongs in CS. CS is a skilled base game and you need to compensate for recoil and spray. If the developers want to make SMG’s more usable lower the price like the P90 and MP7 or making them better like the PP Bizon. Tests were made in the 2013 CS:GO Demo SMG’s were completely fine in spray and inaccuracy when moving, advanatage over rifle, but not as high damage.)
MP9: Decrease movement accuracy
Mac-10: Decrease movement accuracy
MP7: cost 1500, decrease movement accuracy
UMP-45: decrease movement accuracy
P90: cost 2000, decrease movement accuracy
PP Bizon: cost 1100 if stats stay the same, alternatively if stats change like accuracy buff, penetration buff leave price at 1400.

4. Pistol adjustments
USP-S: Perfectly fine
P2000: Increase clip and magazine size to have advantage or quality over USP-S
Glock-18: Perfectly fine
P250: cost 300, 2 shot to head (with armor), increase accuracy up close, decrease accuracy from long range, close up combat monster
Five Seven: cost 600, 2 shot to head (with armor), 4 shot to chest
Tec-9: cost 600, reverted back to old 2013 Tec-9, 2 shot to head (with armor), 4 shot to chest, higher rate of fire
Dual Berretas: cost 500, increase accuracy at all ranges, slightly higher damage, higher armor penetration
Deagle: cost 800, increase the accuracy on all levels and first shot, make so skill ceiling is higher, inaccurate when spammed
CZ-75A: cost 500, better the spray pattern to increase skill, 2 shot to the head, 4 shot to chest, accuracy at long range

5. Shotguns fix (Shotguns are in such a broken state right now. Shotguns can snipe across a huge distance of units and kill someone or usually miss the character model at point blank range. They need to serve a better purpose and be less broken so they are useable in a situation. The difference between a shotgun being broken or fixed can be the difference in a round determining the outcome or win of the game.)

6. AWP movement speed buff 150 (Diversity in AWPing again. AWPers like kennyS and JW being aggressive and mobile. AWPers like Guardian and Skadoodle who play defensive and are turrets. AWPers like Allu, Karrigan, and Device, Forest, CajunB, and Fallen who are defensive and passive. AWPing should have a stronger purpose like before the nerf. Teams would build strats around it and use it to advantage. Now its just the AWP, that one shot sniper rifle who is wielded by the "AWPer".)

7. "Jump Scouting" patch reverted (Jump scouting to be more possible again.)

8. Increase AWP accuracy on "no scopes, fast scopes, quickscopes" (Skill ceiling with AWP higher.)

9. Decrease Tagging (Revert tagging adjustments in update 3/31/2015) (Tagging in CS:GO right now is way too much. Even through a metal door like on Dust 2 you slow down so much. When shot point blank it is almost impossible to move out of the line of fire. Should be reverted back to the old tagging values.)

10. M4A1-S buff 667 RPM (Firerate went from 667 RPM to 600 RPM in update 9/15/15) (There is pretty much no benefit to using the M4A1-S over the M4A4. M4A4 has more bullets, almost same accuracy values, same armor penetration, same damage, overall a better rifle for CT’s. In a close up 1v3 M4A4 is the obvious choice (thanks shox!). In the last major, PGL Major Krakow, all total rifle kills, 10% of them were with an M4A1-S. To add the diversity and decision makings for a loadout for the M4’s, rate of fire buff is needed.

11. Source movement style variation to cut "jiggle peeking"
(Movement style in CSS was very quick and static. There was no jiggle peeking because if you peeked there was a delay between when you can strafe back in. Think this will be a welcome, nostalgic, less trolly movement style.

12. Unranked competitive MM (Not being penalized for losing, having bad games, trolls, leavers, hackers. Instead of the 10 man cluttered casual, that isn’t anywhere near an unranked competitive MM.)

13. Make competitive MM better
- Update the VAC system
- Give higher leave time penalties to trolls
- Round times and bomb timers reverted to 1: 45 round times and 35 second bomb times
- Increase the rank requirements for a 5-Q team to stop smurfing and trolling

14. Coaches able to talk in LAN's/tournaments/majors if opposing team has coach as well (Coaches we’re a good thing for the professionals scene. Having a 6th person apart of your team bringing motivation and confidence to the team. If the opposing team has a present coach why not let the coaches communicate with their team.)

15. 5v5 competitive MM (Feature that allows 5 man to play against another 5 man Q)

16. Reverting Negev change (Negev is trying to be pushed as a “suppressing fire” weapon. It is a heavy machine gun and is meant for that. But I think the old Negev was a much better weapon, sound like a real machine gun, better a suppressing fire, and overall a fun weapon to use sometimes. This new laser beem Negev is a CS gun. CS is about skill and having to control and compensate for the recoil and spray. And that’s not the new Negev.

17. 128 tick servers (Shots hit more, smoother gameplay, less latency, and overall better experience on 128 tick servers.)

18. Source 2 (overall give better performance, more FPS, better graphics for the ethusiasts to play with. An overall upgrade to the game.)

19. Adding second alternative to AWP (M24 sniper rifle)
Cost: 4750
Damage: AWP damage slightly higher
Movement: 90 “true defensive weapon”
Rate of Fire: 1.7 seconds in between shots in magazine
Accuracy: Very inaccurate when moving, jumping, takes 1.1 seconds for scope to become fully accurate
No scope, fast scope, quick scope accuracy: Very high accuracy for skilled players

20. Character customization (Picking T and CT models.)
Leet Crew: Dust, Dust 2, Mirage
Anarchists: Office
Balkan: Monastery, Old Nuke (add Balkan models back to new Nuke), Train
Phoenix: Cache, Cobblestone, Nuke, Overpass
Professional: Bank, Safehouse, Vertigo
Pirate: Shoots, St Marc, Sugarcane

21. If skins and cases to be added, accept more community workshop items i.e maps, skins, knives, gloves, sprays, stickers, etc.

(Still a work in progress, everything is subject to change.)
Special thanks to TropiKo, Micky, and 3kilksphillip for ideas and help on this project

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