Unfair Steam VAC Ban [ Focs and FireFox ]

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Hello, i am here to report the Unfair Action of Valve Corporation against a Account with 9 years old and my friend with the same situation that both happened on the same day 04/29/2016, This petition is for Valve Corporation see that they banned us in a UNFAIR way, without even looking for it. The trigger of the unfair ban was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. We were BANNED for no reason after this update:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 04/29/2016 Update.

Picture 01: VAC Focs

Picture 02: VAC FireFox

Down here i will post the two mails, one of my friend and one by me forwarded to vacreview@valvesoftware.com.

Email from Me forwareded to:  vacreview@valvesoftware.com.


I am contacting VAC Review to talk about a case i'm having today, I've been on Steam for around 9 Years, i have over 500 games on my account spent, i've had a recent problem with this game which is Unbearable.

 I've been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for some time already in competitive mode, today April 29, i just checked my profile and it says i have "2 VAC Bans", but on my account settings it says it is in Good Standing, The case is, that vac detects for Third Party Applications and more but,

 First: My account no one have access to it since i created my account.
Second: I don't have anything in my computer that can be a tool or hack for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

I have read about steam will never lift on VAC bans, but i did nothing with it! I have my account clean for almost a DECADE and this happens?.

I want to open a case of investigation on my account, and i really want this VAC Ban removed from my account, because Steam Department can check everything in my account or even ask for any document from my real life to proof, it is all everything legit in my steam account, i have never had this problem having almost 10 years of service. I have CS:GO since it was BETA, i've played it a lot. I live Alone, and it couldn't be anyone using my computer. Nothing like that could happen.

 Sorry for talking in this way, but this is really concerned to read that i was Suspended from VAC Servers, for doing NOTHING!

I will be waiting for a answer.

And the second email from my friend forwarded to: vacreview@valvesoftware.com.


I had a VAC problem on my account, my username is: Sirjack11

I'm a old steam member ( about 4 years) already spent real money on you platform and i play a lot of CS:GO.
I recently upgraded my phone on your CS:GO newest service and everything went fine. Today (04/29/2016) when i tried to play CS:GO, my steam account say I have "2 VAC Bans", but on my account settings, it say its in Good Standing.

I don't share this account, no one else use my computer, i play a lot of competitive games on CS:GO and never used any illegal programs, you can review all my replays, I have nothing to hide.

I want to pen a case of investigation on my account, my steam is too important for me to end like that in a unfair VAC Ban.

Sorry for any misspelling on this e-mail, my hands are shaking and i'm really sad about what happened to me.

I'll wait contact.


As you can see Valve Corporation affect these two users for no reason and in a unfair way which they say they have ZERO tolarance for VAC, and what about the people that got banned in a unfair way for doing nothing.?


We count on you.