Add Scots and Gaelic as supported languages on Steam

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I've been trying to get a game I'm developing, Operation: Pinkeye, added to Steam. One of the aims of the game is to help promote Scots and Gaelic. However, I cannot add either language on the platform as languages it supports, and after contacting them, they said they have no plans to add them.

Scots is a recognised language by the Scottish Government and the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. It and Scottish Gaelic are both in danger of dying off, and with little to no support from the Scottish government as of right now, especially with Scots.
This game is an attempt to give them some life, and help gain international attention and new learners from around the world, similar to what anime and manga have done to Japanese, as well as encouraging Scottish people to embrace them and use them more.

Because of this, supporting both languages is a central point to my game, and the Steam listing lacking both on it's listing is going to undermine this cause.

We're simply asking for Valve to add the option to add Scots and Gaelic as languages a seller can select as supported by their game, so speakers of said languages know what game supports their language(s) on the platform.