Stop online proctoring exams at Utrecht University

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Stop the use of proctoring examinations at Utrecht University and provide better and safer alternatives!

Since the start of online education, Utrecht University has allowed online proctoring exams using ProctorExam. ProctorExam will monitor your entire screen, searches, sound and microphone, which can be analyzed by UU-employees. On top of that students are required to be alone for the duration of the exam, which can be hard to ensure for some.

Many students are opposed to proctoring as a method of examination, and wish to put a stop to this blatant disregard of our privacy. While the Executive Board also claims to respect the privacy of students, they "were faced with the choice to either offer an online exam by means of proctoring, or not offer an exam at all." Utrecht University claims to use ProctorExam only as last resort. There are, however, many alternative examination methods in the Netherlands, including, but not limited to:

  • Open-book exams
  • Essay assignments
  • Time-limited exams, in which students need to download an exam, take it, and upload it before a certain time. 

The Dutch government has announced that from the 15th of June universities can allow 20% of normal physical education within their facilities. This means that exams that cannot be replaced by other kinds of examination, can take place physically from the 15th of June onward. If this is possible, why continue with proctoring exams that completely disregard students privacy?

With this petition we want to emphasize our concerns about the use of online proctoring exams and urge Utrecht University to put an end to the use of online proctoring at our university. The opportunity provided to physically open up Universities must be used by Utrecht University to stop the use of proctoring software. 

This petition is an initiative by Lijst VUUR. Lijst VUUR is the biggest student party and is active within both the university council and faculty councils of Utrecht University. Lijst VUUR is currently in contact with the Executive Board of Utrecht University regarding privacy rights of students.

We would like to thank AKKUraatd and Naomi de Leng for providing the inspiration for this petition.