Call for the resignation of Price City, Utah’s Chief of Police

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I am starting this petition in hopes that it will bring change within our state. There are no words to describe my absolute disgust and sheer horror about the current police chief in Price, Utah and the racist, disgusting remarks that were made on his social media pages PRIOR to him being appointed chief of police. When I first found out about this, I surely thought this was some made up thing from the Internet, but I was so disappointed and horrified that it is indeed true and that this man, even has a job, yet alone is a police chief in the year 2020. 

Having someone with such hate in their being policing people in general, and especially people of color, is AT BEST horribly neglectful. Having someone who uses this derogatory, racist language in a position of power on a police force just speaks to the need for a police reform. As a state, we are better than this. We do not have to tolerate racists (his actions clearly speak to this) being in power any longer.

There is no logic to this whatsoever and the fact that this man even has a job, much less as a police chief, is insane and asinine. Please sign this petition and join me in calling for his immediate resignation.