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Start Planning for Automation-Related Job Loss

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I sign my name to this petition so my policymakers know that I care deeply about net job loss due to automation and artificial intelligence and want significant resources allocated immediately to determine how to keep me and my fellow citizens out of poverty when there are no longer jobs for all of us.

We are concerned citizens who believe that massive net job loss resulting from automation and artificial intelligence is coming in the near future. If our government does not plan for this, the resulting catastrophe that may ensue will end the freedoms and protections that we cherish. We must be prepared for The Day After Labor.

This is a non-partisan issue and needs to be treated as such.

This is not limited to physical and manual labor nor to simple tasks. Many lawyers, doctors and other professionals/white-collar employees will be displaced just as easily as professional drivers, security guards, retail workers, restaurant workers, and factory workers, among others. Unlike transitions in the past, when job loss was replaced with new industries, these losses will not be primarily replaced by new ones.

Our Mission is to bring the topic of impending net job loss due to advances in technology (AI, Automation, etc) to the forefront of social and policy discussions. If successful, humanity will work together to solve two problems:

1. How will people stay out of poverty when there are no longer jobs for them?
2. How will people spend their time, energy and talent in a post-employment society?

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