UW Admin create a one-credit class so international students can stay in the US

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Update 7/8/20

Yesterday on 7/7/20 President Cauce issued an offical statement on behalf of UW. While her words of support and her assertion that UW admin is analyzing options to keep our international student friends safe are reassuring, her statement is also very vague and short on details. We need details and action by President Cauce and UW admin to ensure that all international students will be able to stay on campus without fear of arrest and deportation.

So continue to share this petition! I am amazed that we've already got almost 21,000 signatures in just 2 days! My international student friends are touched by all of your support. A huge thank you to every one of you who signed this petition, shared it on your social media, and pressured your friends and family to sign too. Thank you for standing up for our international student community. But the fight continues!

Alexander Tsai
2 months ago